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Oct 01, 1994 · Uniform Stationary Phase Method IEEE Electromagnetic Waves Series [Borovikov, V. A.] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Uniform Stationary Phase Method IEEE Electromagnetic Waves Series. Get this from a library! Uniform stationary phase method. [V A Borovikov; Institution of Electrical Engineers.] -- This monograph expounds an original asymptotic stationary phase method for the evaluation of integrals of rapidly oscillating functions, which should be beneficial in wave radiation, propagation and. Dec 15, 1994 · Buy Uniform Stationary Phase Method by V. A. Borovikov from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £20. Adding Waves with Different Phases. Example: Suppose we have two waves with the same amplitude A. 1. and angular frequency ω. Then their wavevectors k are also the same. Suppose that they differ only in phase ф: y. and. Spatial dependence of 2 waves at t=0: Resultant wave: Trig identity: y. 1 = A. 1. cos ωt−kz y. 2 = A. 1. cos ωt.

By applying the stationary phase method with respect to [Sommerfeld, 1896; Borovikov, 1994; Felsen and Marcuvitz, 1994], ΔA is reduced to 27 and are given from the positions of two diffraction points where the distances of r ir o are the minimum and maximum values as shown in Figure 2 briefly, the whole edge Γ is composed of Γ 1 and Γ. Uniform Stationary Phase Method, IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series 40 London, 1994. 118. “Internal Gravity Waves Excited by a Body Moving in a Stratified Fluid,” Fluid Dynam. A Fernandez, E A Spence, A S Fokas, Uniform asymptotics as a stationary point approaches an endpoint, IMA Journal of. A.V. Bakumenko, N.A. Khizhnyak, undefined, MMET Conference Proceedings. 1998 International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory. MMET 98 Cat. Stationary Phase Theory and Passage through. IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications. For more information on this series and on writing a book for Wiley-IEEE Press, please contact Douglas Werner at dhw@ or our Wiley acquisitions editor, Mary Hatcher at pressbooks@. Please follow this link for more information on Proposal form.

A new method for simulating the propagation of pulses radiated by a circular normal ultrasonic transducer which is directly coupled to a homogeneous and isotropic elastic half-space is proposed. Both nonuniform and uniform high-frequency asymptotics inside geometrical regions as well as boundary layers penumbra, an axial region, and a vicinity of the critical rays have been used to describe. Borovikov, V. A., Uniform Stationary Phase Method, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 1994. 31. Conde, O. M., J. Perez, and M. F. Catedra, "Stationary phase method application for the analysis of radiation of complex 3-D conducting structures," IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag.,.

C. G. Moschovitis, H. Anastassiu, and P. V. Frangos, "Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from a Rectangular Plate Using an Extended Stationary Phase Method Based on Fresnel Functions SPM-F," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 107, 63-99, 2010. Oct 24, 2014 · V.A. Borovikov, “Uniform Stationary Phase Method,” in: IEE Electromagnetic Waves. Series 40, London 1984. 9.1.1a. Step 1 of the general boundary-problem solution method of Section 9.1.2 is simply to note that electromagnetic fields in the medium can be represented by superimposed uniform plane waves. Exz,to x Exz,t reflected input x σ = ∞ σ = ∞ input y 0 y 0 z a b z λ standing wave. Am. 104, 1178–1187 1998] and the uniform stationary phase method are used to obtain both nonuniform and uniform high-frequency asymptotics of the time-harmonic field. Then, the transient field is described by means of harmonic synthesis. Oct 25, 2002 · It will be shown that the field in the vicinity of a singular ray is expressed via a Fresnel intergal and via a generalized Fresnel integral Gp,q which was introduced in [P. S. Clemmov and T. B. A. Senior, Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 9, 570–572 1953; see also V. A. Borovikov, Uniform Stationary Phase Method, IEE Electromagnetic Series 40.

Uniform Stationary Phase Method. The Institution of Electrical Engineers, London. Borovikov, V. A. and. IEEE Press Selected Reprint Series. IEEE Press, New York. Harris, J. G. 1987. Edge diffraction of a compressional beam. Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Electromagnetic Waves. Peter Peregrinus, London, second edition. Jull. The modern diffraction theory is applied to analyze the radiating near zone of a normal time-harmonic circular transducer directly coupled to a homogeneous and isotropic solid. The two-tier asymptotic approach is used first to find the far-field asymptotics of a point source and then the radiating near-field asymptotics of the circular transducer. All the known ray-theoretical solutions for. Aug 14, 2000 · V.A. Borovikov, Uniform Stationary Phase Method, IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series 40, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 1994. Borovikov, V. A., Uniform Stationary Phase Method, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 1994. 22. James, G. L., "Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Electromagnetic Waves. of transfer functions of three-dimensional indented objects by the physical optics approximation combined with the method of stationary phase," IEEE Trans.

phase term into its MacLaurin series, the double integral reduces, term. V. A. Borovikov, “Uniform stationary phase method,” in. method, the scattered wave fields are efficiently. Dec 17, 2015 · The problem of a far field of internal gravity waves excited by a moving source of disturbances in a stratified medium is considered. The uniform asymptotics describing the amplitude–phase structure of the wave fields for the different conditions of a source movement are constructed. The wave pattern, including the position of a front, under subcritical conditions of source. Bessel integrals are asymptotically evaluated using high-frequency methods, such as the stationary-phase method, steepest-descent path evaluations, and uniform asymptotics. 18. V. A. Borovikov, Uniform Stationary Phase Method, IEE Electromagnetic wave series 1994. 19. K. E. Oughstun and N. A. Cartwright, J. Mod. Opt. 52, 1089 2005 and references therein. 1. Introduction Laser sources with carrier-envelope-offset stabilized femtosecond pulses offer the unique ad A uniform geometrical theory of diffraction UTD ray analysis is developed for analyzing the problem of electromagnetic scattering by vertices at the tip of a pyramid formed by curved surfaces.

Suppose the electric field of a plane electromagnetic wave is given by E,zt=E0 coskz−ωtˆi G 1.1 Determine a the direction of wave propagation. b the corresponding magnetic field B G. Solution: a By writing the argument of the cosine function as kz−ωt=kz−ct with ω=ck, we see that the wave is traveling in thez direction. A. Borovikov, Uniform stationary phase method, IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series, vol. 40, Institution of Electrical Engineers. Propagation of non-stationary waves and caustics, Leningrad. Gos. Univ. Uč. Spectral theory of selfadjoint operators in Hilbert space, Mathematics and its Applications Soviet Series, D. Reidel Publishing Co. V. A. Borovikov and B. Ye. Kinber, Geometrical theory of diffraction, IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series, vol. 37, Institution of Electrical Engineers IEE, London, 1994. Translated and revised from the Russian original. M. V. Fedorjuk, The method of stationary phase in the multidimensional case. Abstract. We considered the problem dealing with the far field of internal gravity waves generated by the source oscillating in the vertical. It is shown that, at a fixed observation point, we first record the arrival of the main wave front of a separate mode followed by the arrival of two fronts of an additional field of this wave mode, which is caused by the oscillations of the source, the.

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