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Digital Imaging and Ultrasonics for NDT is now virtual! Join industry speakers, exhibitors, and your peers for two full days of technical presentations covering the latest advancements in digital imaging and ultrasonics techniques. This conference will also feature a virtual exhibit floor! Fig.1: NIR-OCT imaging for NDT application, exemplified for a 3D printed polymers test samples with internal debonding defects. The 3D printed wedge-like structures consist of PLA matrix containing upper: red color pigments, lower: almost no pigments i.e. semi-transparent polymer sample; and for b multilayer polymer foils typically used for food packaging, imaged upper at a. Nov 28, 2012 · M. Bashkansky, D. Lewis III, V. Pujari, J. Reintjes, H.Y. Yu, Subsurface detection and characterization of Hertzian cracks in Si 3 N 4 balls using optical coherence tomography. NDT E-Int. 34, 547–555 2001 CrossRef Google Scholar. neutron imaging and computed tomography CT. The source is expected to produce 10-MeV neutrons with an on-axis flux of ~1011 per second per steradian through a collimated aperture with a ~7-degree opening angle. The application for this source is imaging and CT of low-Z materials heavily shielded by high-Z materials. In non-medical imaging applications, transmission gamma or X-rays-based computed tomography, is often regarded as a supplementary Non-Destructive Testing NDT tool to conventional radiography. With the availability of low cost linear detector arrays and constant potential X-ray equipments, a tomographic imaging system can be developed in a.

Microwave Imaging for NDE/NDT Applications Issues and Problems in 3D Microwave Tomography and Possible Answers. The approach is worked out from rigorous asymptotic formulations, vs.average size of the scatter- ers, of the electric and/or magnetic flelds refer to [3] for related material. The expressions are derived from fleld. A new bi-imaging NDT system for simultaneous recovery of attenuation and electronic density maps Cecilia Tarpau´ 1,2,3∗, Javier Cebeiro4 and Mai K. Nguyen1 1 Equipes de Traitement de l’Information et Systemes, University of Cergy Pontoise, ENSEA, Cergy Pontoise, France` 2 Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Mod´elisation, University of Cergy Pontoise, Cergy Pontoise, France. 1. G. HARDING, J. KOSANETZLEY, X-ray scatter imaging in non-destructive testing, in: Tomography and Scatter imaging—applications in NDT, N. MacCUAIG and R. HOLT. 1 8. G. Harding, "On the Sensitivity and Application Possibilities of a Novel Compt on Scatter I maging System", IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. NS-29, No.3, June 1982. 19. H. Strecker, "Scatter Imaging of Aluminum Cast ings Using an X-ray Fan Beam and a Pinhole Camera". •Modular to setup and move with 2 people Robotic System • X-ray backscatter imaging for any complex motion profile • Allows end user customized motion • Combines state-of-art off the shelf motion with x-ray backscatter imaging • Robotic System offers customized motion for each application.

Apr 09, 2015 · The application of OCT in dentistry for imaging teeth and composite restorations may facilitate clinical diagnosis of caries and detection of restorative failures in the future [13••, 17••, 18, 21, 22]. This review paper discusses the development of a dental OCT system and its application for diagnosis of dental caries and tooth.

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