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The Crisis in South Africa [Saul, John S., Gelb, Stephen] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Crisis in South Africa. Crisis in South Africa: Class Defense, Class Revolution [Saul, John; Gelb, Stephen] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Crisis in South Africa: Class Defense, Class Revolution. the crisis in southern Africa or South Africa itself. Saul and Gelb's The Crisis in South Africa is infinitely richer, more detailed, com-plex, and ambitious. The approach is Marxist, as the authors assess both the potential for overthrow of apartheid and for a simultaneous or near-simultaneous workers' revolu-tion in. THE CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA by John S. Saul and Stephen Gelb It is a commonplace that the struggle against apartheid in South Africa is one of the most crucial in the world today. But not much is known about the historical setting, the forces arrayed on each side, and the changing tactical and strategic choices open to the contending parties.

The Crisis in South Africa: Class Defense, Class Revolution by John S. Saul and Stephen Gelb.
The Crisis in South Africa: class defense, class revolution by John S. Saul and Stephen Gelb New York and London, Monthly Review Press, 1981. Pp. 156. $12.00. £6.50. - Volume 21 Issue 4 The crisis in South Africa / by John S. Saul and Stephen Gelb; The state and revolution in eastern Africa: essays / by John S. Saul; African attitudes: a study of the social, racial and political attitudes of some middle class Africans; Perspectives on South Africa: a collection of working papers /. South Africa's Economic Crisis edited by Stephen Gelb Cape Town, David Philip; London and Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, Zed Books; 1991. Pp. xiii289. £32·95. $55·00. £12·95/$22·50 paperback. - Volume 30 Issue 4 - Roy Love. Dr. Stephen Gelb is Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London, where he leads the work on private sector development. He is an economist with thirty years of research and policy experience in South Africa and several other developing countries.

Stephen GELB of Overseas Development Institute, London ODI Read 33 publications Contact Stephen GELB. The Crisis in South Africa: Class Defense, Class Revolution. Article. the conventional economic wisdom for South Africa's future being pushed by outside agencies such as the IMF and World Bank, as well as the current powers- that-be within the country and such distinguished economist outsiders as Stephen Lewis.l Gelb does not.

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