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Jan 01, 1984 ·: Swirl Flows Energy and Engineering Science Abacus Press 9780856261756: Gupta, A. K: Books. Swirl flows: A. K. Gupta, D. G. Lilley, and N. Syred, Abacus Press, Tunbridge Wells, England, 1984, xiii475 pp, $50.00. Swirl Flows. Ashwani K. Gupta, D. G. Lilley, Nick Syred. Abacus Press, Jan 1, 1984 - Combustion chambers - 475 pages. 0 Reviews. From inside the book. What people are saying - Write a review. Ashwani K. Gupta, Gary Presser, Richard L. Axelbaum Snippet view - 1992. All.

Swirl Flows Energy and Engineering Science Abacus Press 1st Edition by Ashwani K. Gupta, D. G. Lilley, N. Syred Hardcover, 476 Pages, Published 1984: ISBN-10: 0-85626-175-0 / 0856261750 ISBN-13: 978-0-85626-175-6 / 9780856261756: 1984, British hardcover edition, Abacus Press, Kent, U.K., 475 pages. Handsomely produced title. Fig. In 9 libraries. xiii, 475 p.: ill.; 24 cm. Combustion engineering. Vortex-motion. Fluid dynamics. Fluid mechanics. Combustion engineering.

Mar 13, 2011 · Swirl flows by Gupta, A. K., 1984, Abacus Press edition, in English. This edition published in 1984 by Abacus Press in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Written in English. Energy and engineering science series. Classifications Dewey Decimal Class 621.402/3 Library of Congress. A. K. Gupta, D.G., Lilley Syrednd N., Swirl Flows. Abacus Press, Tunbridge Wells, 1984. Swirl flows: A. K. Gupta, D. G. Lilley and N. Syred, Abacus Press, 1984, 475 pp. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 1985. Ashwani K. Gupta is a British-American engineer and educator with research focus on combustion, fuels, fuel reforming, advanced diagnostics, High Temperature Air Combustion, and high-intensity distributed combustion, green combustion turbine, micro-combustion, and air pollution. He is an Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland. Gupta is also Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Gupta A.K., Lilley D.G. and N. Syred: Swirl Flows, Energy and Engineering Science Series, Abacus Press, Tunbridge Wells & Cambridge, 1984. Daey Ouwens: An analysis and experimental investigation.

Introduction --Swirl stabilized flames --Low swirl phenomena --High swirl phenomena --Cyclone separators and combustors --Swirl flows in practical combustion systems. Series Title: Energy and engineering science series. Responsibility: A.K. Gupta, D.G. Lilley, and N. Syred. Gupta, A. K., Lilley, D. G., and Syred, N., 1984, “Swirl Flows,” ABACUS Press. However, Gupta et al. have shown that for a stronger swirl flow, i.e. S ⩾ 0.3 the tangential velocity starts to become coupled with the axial velocity, hence the stronger the swirl, the faster the decay in the wake length. The swirl number of the 4 bladed turbine is close to this threshold and therefore it is possible that for some turbine.

An eigenvalue analysis of the linearized equation for steady, axisymmetric, and inviscid swirling flow reveals that the swirl reaches a critical state precisely within 1.3% at the discharge where the sudden variation in draft tube pressure recovery is observed. Gupta, A. K., Lilley, D. J., Syred, N. Swirl flows, 1984 Abacus Press, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Google Scholar. 3. Syred, N., Gupta, A. K., Beer, J. M. Temperature and density gradient changes arising with the precessing vortex core and vortex breakdown in swirl burners. Abstract A comprehensive study on confined swirling flows in an operational gas-turbine injector was performed by means of large-eddy simulations. The formulation was based on the Favre-filtered conservation equations and a modified Smagorinsky treatment of subgrid-scale motions. Professor Ashwani K. Gupta has been a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park since 1983, following six years at MIT as a member of the research staff in the Energy Laboratory and Department of Chemical Engineering, and three years at Sheffield University as an independent research worker and research fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

This experimental study focuses on characterizing the nonlinear combustion dynamics prior to blowout in a partially premixed combustor with a swirl-stabilized burner. Experiments were performed by. The intensity variation inside the combustor was more uniform than in the case of the low swirl number flow. The r.m.s. velocity studies also suggest more turbulence generation due to swirl. Gupta, A. K., Lilley, D. G., Syred, N. Swirl flows, energy and engineering science series London, UK: Abacus Press 1984 Google Scholar. 9. Follow A. K. Gupta and explore their bibliography from 's A. K. Gupta Author Page. Jan 01, 1988 · Furthermore, the pre- sence of combustion generally leads to a strongly reduced dependence on the theoreti- cal swirl number. Because of the rather complicated depen- dence of the maximum recirculate mass flow rate on swirl number, diffuser shape and flow condition, a further interpretation of Fig. 3a seems necessary. Flows with a high degree of swirl are characterized by the presence of a central toroidal recirculation zone CTRZ, high turbulence, and combustion intensity, which aid in fl ame.

Swirl Flows1st Edition Energy and Engineering Science Abacus Press by Ashwani K. Gupta, D. G. Lilley, N. Syred Hardcover, 476 Pages, Published 1984 by Routledge ISBN-13: 978-0-85626-175-6, ISBN: 0-85626-175-0. Schematic of burner unit a and movable block swirl generator b. Swirl flow was generated for the combustion air by adopting a movable block swirl generator [22–25] as shown in Figure 2a,b. It is known that a recirculation zone is formed by the swirling air flow, which supports the flame stability as well as the ignition of fuel spray [26].

In addition, reverse axial flows around the centreline are significantly reduced. Time traces of the robust constituent show reverse axial flows around the centreline and negative axial vorticity along the inner swirling shear layer when the planar velocity is in the same direction as the mean tangential flow.

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