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Gender justice and women’s rights Oxfam International.

Oxfam understands women’s leadership as central to its work to promote gender justice. As a result, Oxfam invests in an approach called Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights TLWR. TLWR challenges and transforms power relations and structures in all their different manifestations into an. In partnership with Gender@Work, Oxfam brought together 3 local NGO partners of Oxfam in Cambodia and Oxfam in Vietnam, to participate in a series of workshops called “Gender Action Learning” GAL. GAL is designed to encourage Oxfam and its partners to take actions that promote greater gender justice in their work and in their organizations. building for gender justice Oxfam Canada focuses on organizational capacity building because we believe that strong civil society organizations CSOs are key agents of change in achieving gender justice in all societies. We take a responsive approach to capacity building, recognizing that each partner is distinct, operating in its own. Gender & Development is the only journal in the world to focus on international gender and development issues, exploring the connections between gender and development initiatives, and feminist perspectives. It aims to debate best practice and new ideas, and to make the links between theoretical and practical gender and development work. Caroline Sweetman, Ed., Gender in Development Organisations, Oxfam Focus on Gender series, Originally published as an issue of the journal Gender and Development Vol. 5, No. 1, February 1997.

A detailed discussion of new challenges of transitions in and organization of family life follows, with a focus on four main topics: women’s new role and the implications for family dynamics, the gendered transition to parenthood, new gender roles in doing families, and coping strategies in family and work reconciliation under conditions of uncertainty and precariousness and impacts on fertility. Focus on the Family’s Values. Focus on the Family is dedicated to defending the inherent honor, dignity, value and equality of the two sexes as created in God’s image – intentionally male and female – each bringing unique and complementary qualities to sexuality and relationships. Each of the two sexes is a glorious gift from God.

Oxfam’s Research Backgrounders are designed to inform and foster discussion about topics critical to poverty reduction. The series explores a range of issues on which Oxfam works—all within the broader context of international development and humanitarian relief. The series was designed to share Oxfam’s. The document provides an example of what a gender analysis looks like and the questions it seeks to answer—as well as how to collect the data, analyze findings, and incorporate those findings into a program strategy. Conducting a gender analysis is an important step in. This report draws on research from a series of focus groups with Yemeni women on their priorities, views on the political transition and hopes for the future. Four out of five women consulted by Oxfam say that their lives have worsened over the last 12 months. Women said they need better access to food, jobs and physical safety.

Oxfam Focus on Gender > Gender, Development, and Marriage Previous volume. in all male-dominated societies, an institution imbues with inequality, in which husbands and fathers rule the roost. Caroline Sweetman is Editor of the international journal Gender & Development and works for Oxfam. that education does not automatically lead to gender equality in societies; the importance of aid flows – where they are directed and the effect this has on girls’ education; and a critique of global policy frameworks, particularly the Education First initiative, with its focus on achieving the MDGs, and the successor framework to the MDGs.

This series of Oxfam IBIS concept papers define the Oxfam IBIS’ understanding and approach. processes. With a long-term sustainability perspective in mind, Oxfam IBIS supports a transition to increased local and national civil society involvement in education. In all types of. particular focus on civil society at local and national. influx of transient workers, the transition to a cash economy, and the emergence of new socio-economic stresses. Tackling gender inequality within the extractive industries demands a fundamental shift within the industry. It requires a reshaping of the values, culture and norms that produce and maintain gender bias within the sector. Given the. Statistics in Transition – new series SiT is an international independent double-blind peer-reviewed journal ISSN 1234-7655, published jointly by the Polish Statistical Association PTS and the Central Statistical Office of Poland, four times a year.Also, it has extended its scope of interest beyond its originally primary focus on statistical issues pertinent to transition from.

The aim of the study is to explore the gender issues in disaster and to understand the relationships between vulnerability, preparedness and capacity following a qualitative method on the basis of. Focus on Gender × Close Overlay A title history is the publication history of a journal and includes a listing of the family of related journals. The most common relationship is to a previous and/or continuing title, where a journal continues publishing with a change to its official title. OXFAM DISCUSSION PAPER MAY 2014. AFTER EQUALITY. Inequality trends and policy responses in contemporary Russia. Suburban district in the Moscow region. Photo: Daria Ukhova/Oxfam. Economic inequality in Russia – skewed income and wealth distribution – increased radically in the beginning of the transition from a state socialist system to a.

" The case dealt with the gender-differentiated conditions that women prisoners faced and concluded that state operations conducted against women in the prison and acts of sexual violence constituted crimes against humanity. Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Miguel Castro Prison Judgment, Inter. Am. C.H.R Series C no. 160 2006. Gender Roles in Society: A Global Perspective The role of a man and a woman in society is influenced by a variety of factors. These factors vary with the region, religion, culture, climate, historical beliefs, living principles, and experiences, across the globe.

  1. Get this from a library! Societies in transition. [Caroline Sweetman; Oxfam.;] -- Change and upheaval are a way of life for millions of women and men throughout the world. The articles in this work assert that, while transition creates hardship and trauma, it can give women an.
  2. Such a social transition may involve taking on the names, pronouns, or dress of the opposite gender, though the precise nature of the social transition may be different for each child.
  3. Oxfam understands gender justice as the full equality and equity between women and men in all spheres of life, resulting in women jointly, and on an equal basis with men, defining and shaping the policies, structures and decisions that affect their lives and society as a whole.

The main aim ofGender Equality and Men: Learning from Practiceis to share knowledge and experience of work with men on gender equality in programmes run by Oxfam GB and other organisations.It also seeks to explore how work with men can be developed to promote broader gender equality and poverty reduction strategies, and to encourage a more active engagement with men through gender. Practical Action Publishing Ltd, Company Reg. No. 1159018, England, VAT No. GB 880 9924 76 is the wholly owned by Practical Action, Reg. Charity No. 247257, Patron HRH The Prince of Wales, and trades only in support of its parent charity objectives. UNDP Strategy on Civil Society and Civic Engagement Page 2 Introduction Purpose The purpose of this strategy is to provide UNDP with a framework for both empowering and engaging with civil society. It seeks to focus on the need for reinvigorated efforts, as part of the. Get this from a library! Societies in Transition - Challenges to Women's and Gender Studies. [Heike Fle€ner; Lydia Potts] -- The book presents inside perspectives of women's and gender studies programs from a great variety of countries. It analyses how societal transitions influence the emergence and further development of.

Jun 20, 2020 · The EBRD and Oxfam want to introduce digital platforms and tools for capacity-building and learning as well as supporting access to services and finance. The EBRD, established in 1991, is a multinational development bank that promotes the transition to market-led and sustainable economies. At Focus on the Family, gender matters to us, because it matters to God. In our growing secularized and “multi-gendered” culture, we encourage you to create your own position and values statements, so you, too, can stand firm in your beliefs when you’re called on to defend them.

Open Society Foundations, Oxfam, UNDP, and the World Bank. The Center for International Cooperation CIC, on behalf of the Pathfinders, has commissioned work on solutions since September 2018, and has also drawn heavily on the work of partners, including Oxfam, the World Inequality Lab, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social. News, opinion and debate from around the Oxfam world and web. Join the discussion. Oxfam is an international confederation of 18 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries.One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty. The early pieces in the series focus on issues of power, size, ‘market share,’ funding and control, concluding that incentives to preserve the status-quo are more influential than internal. Title: Fy15 progress highlights on gicg q1, Author: Oxfam America, Name: Fy15 progress highlights on gicg q1, Length: 3 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2014-09-30 Issuu company logo Issuu. The findings were based on a series of focus group discussions held throughout the country. “Although a transition towards democracy is under way, women’s hopes for a better life are wearing thin,” the report said, adding that a “deepening humanitarian crisis and conflict are limiting women’s role in.

In each case, Oxfam GB’s focus was on hydro-meteorological hazards flooding associated with storms and hurricanes and rainfall-triggered mass movements, e.g. landslides and rock falls and related processes such as risk of sea level rise. However, geophysical and temperature hazards were not a focus of the work. Gender:' Pp. 13- 3 7 in The Social Construction of Gender. Edited by Judith Lorber and Susan A. Farrell. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Gender Roles and Society Gender roles are based on the different expecta- tions that individuals, groups, and societies have of individuals based on their sex and based on each. Oxfam is a confederation of 19 affiliate organizations globally with a core mission to support lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Oxfam takes a partner-based, rights-based approach to this work through humanitarian assistance, long term development programs, policy advocacy and campaigning. • Organized the Consortium's Speaker Series - The Speaker Series is a series of lectures held at the University of Massachusetts - Boston campus given by prominent experts in the field of gender. May 26, 2020 · Education was focused originally on boys alone, then on boys primarily, and is now widely accepted for everyone. Efforts are now being made to focus specifically on educating girls both at the national level and by global agencies. UNESCO declared in 2014 that gender parity has been achieved in education, but with some caveats.

Jun 18, 2020 · EBRD, Oxfam sign MoU to strengthen community resilience. The MoU ensures the two entities join forces to strengthen the communities in which they work and to promote sustainable civil societies. This study conducted by Lopa Ghosh was commissioned by Oxfam India. The study in the five project states in India Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Odisha was completed under the supervision of Oxfam India's Gender Justice Team. The report acknowledges the support of. Includes multidisciplinary approaches to the analysis of gender, identity and nation in postcolonial Southeast Asian literatureAdds a Southeast Asian perspective to the study of gender, identity and nation in postcolonial Southeast Asian literature; Provides updated scholarship on overlooked local women writers and their works in English. Focus areas include: affirmative gender action in the transition, gender perspectives on security sector reform, access to justice and political participation; gendered perspectives of marginalised groups, and how different identities intersect.

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