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King Arthur was the only one of Purcell's professionally produced operas to have been designed as a semi-opera; the others were all adaptations of earlier plays. Dryden made a real attempt to integrate the music into the drama, but since he ascribed to the dramatic conventions of the period which virtually confined music to allegorical or supernatural beings and thier worshippers, or servants. Extended title: King Arthur Henry Purcell; edited in 1928 by Dennis Arundell; revised under the supervision of the Purcell Society by Margaret Laurie Subjects Operas Arthur, King.

Henry Purcell: Purcell Society Volume 26 - King Arthur: Opera: Score Opera [Sheet music] Novello & Co Ltd. King Arthur Arr. Laurie-King Arthur was the only one of Purcell's professionally produced operas to have been designed as a semi-opera; the others were all adaptations of earlier plays. Dryden made a real attempt to integrate th. Purcell Society Volume 26 - King Arthur — Henry Purcell Opera — Book Only — Opera or Operetta King Arthur Arr. Laurie. Composed by Henry Purcell 1659-1695.

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Feb 11, 2017 · King Arthur, Z. 628, Act 5 Scene 2: No. 38, Venus' Aria "Fairest isle" Arr. for Trumpet · Alison Balsom, The English Concert, Trevor Pinnock Sound the Trumpet - Royal Music of Purcell.
Several early Purcell scholars attempted to argue that Purcell absorbed the Italian style in his final years, 43 while others harboured doubts about the work, but it was not until the middle of the 20th century that a conclusive case against its attribution to Purcell was made, by Margaret Laurie. 44 As for King Arthur, the Purcell work. "Pur cell T s 'King Arthur '" The Listener, Ik December 4, 1935, 1057 Fuller-Mai tland, John Alexander. "Purcell^s King Arthur^" In Robin Gray, edo Studies in Music o Hew Yorks Scribner^s, 1901,ppl85-98 Herbage, Julian Livings ton <, "Dryden^s ' King Arthur r s Composed by 1 Radio Times, 2UDecember 6, 19^ Holland, Arthur Keith. Jun 16, 2020 · Purcell arr. Barbirolli: Suite for Strings with Four Horns, Two Flutes and English Horn 4. i The Gordian Knot United 5. ii The Virtuous Wife 6. iii King Arthur 7. iv From Volume 15 of the Purcell Society Edition 8. v Dido and Aeneas: "When I am Laid in Earth" Engelbert Brenner, cor anglais 9. vi King Arthur 7 February 1938 in Carnegie Hall.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Henry Purcell provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of current research into Purcell and the environment of Restoration music, with contributions from leading experts in the field. Seen from the perspective of modern, interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship, the companion allows the reader to develop a rounded view of the environment in which. Purcell, Henry, King Arthur, rev. ed. by Margaret Laurie. 'Purcell Society', Vol. 26. Novello, London, 197I. Since Dennis Arundell edited 'King Arthur' for the Purcell Society in I928 a considerable number of new sources for the work have been discovered and.

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