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The incident in Toulouse has inspired a lot of thought and activity about the safety of ammonium nitrate-based fertilisers. This paper explores the various steps needed to apply a ‘product stewardship’ approach to managing the health, safety and environment aspects of fertiliser products. The paper discusses occupational safety, process safety, product stewardship, climate change regulations, how the fertiliser industry and the agricultural sector provide solutions to climate change rather than being conceived as a problem, and the importance of Research and Development R&D. Tore K Jenssen, Yara International, Norway. Product Stewardship refers to the industry’s Safety, Health and Environmental SHE management It takes it beyond factory’s gates, in cooperation with suppliers, transporters and retailers. In many respects, it is about putting into place responsible business management processes across a product's lifecycle. IFA's 12 SHE Principles. Product Stewardship for fertilizers. Fertilizers Europe’s members are audited every three years by a world-leading organization for risk management services and certification to regularly assess their compliance with the Product Stewardship standard. The Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship program continuously evolves. Our member.

Product stewardship for fertilizers is defined as the management of the quality, safety, security and environmental aspects of a fertilizer throughout its life cycle, respecting relevant legislation and the best industry and agricultural practice. Extended Producer Responsibility. The EPR concept dates to the early 1990’s when Thomas Lindhqvist, a Swedish graduate student, prepared a report for Sweden’s Ministry of the Environment that called for making manufacturers of products responsible for the entire lifecycle of the products they produce [].Lindhqvist defined EPR as “an environmental policy protection strategy to reach an. The purpose of this document is to describe the complexities involved in the distribution of fertilizers, to encourage fertilizer producers to accept their responsibility as stewards of their products, and in the hope that the relevant authorities will pay more attention to this crucial link in the development of a globally sustainable agriculture. Over last 20 years the fertiliser industry has seen a growth in rules and regulations emphasizing the increasing importance of safety and the environment. And more is anticipated. The author summarises his experience on what has worked well in his company for improving the SHE safety, health and environment performance, how important it is for the industry to have a common approach, and the. Keywords: Ammonium nitrate, CAN, Thermal cycling, Detonation tests, Safetytesting. Summary: In 2005 the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association EFMA established a research project on safety testing of fertiliser grade AN, CAN and AN with gypsum, and of technical grade AN.

Product Stewardship Toggle. Protect & Sustain Certification; IFA Benchmarks;. Welcome to IFA’s one-stop-shop for the world’s most comprehensive statistical information on fertilizer & raw materials supply and fertilizer consumption! Discover. EVENTS.. Description The Proceedings of the International Fertiliser Society have been recognised since the inauguration of the Society in 1947 to be an invaluable source of practical information on virtually all aspects of fertiliser manufacture, safety and use. The Proceedings relating to ammonium nitrate production and safety are of particular note. Pr oviding society with a su cient quantity. Product Stewardship P rogram Fertilizers Europe, 2011. Partial factor productivity in the U.S. for fertilizer N used on maize and wheat from.

Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship.

Keywords: Analytical methods, ICP, Fertiliser analysis, Sampling systems, Quality control. This is a review paper on the techniques used in the fertiliser industry to provide laboratory support and plant level control and in particular on-line control. It looks at the likely impact of Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy on laboratory.

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