Measuring and Modelling the Trajectory of Visual Spatial Attention (Departmental Research Working Paper) George Sperling download |

Measuring and Modeling the Trajectory of Visual Spatial Attention Shui-I Shih University of Southampton George Sperling University of California, Irvine In a novel choice attention-gating paradigm, observers monitor a stream of 3 3 letter arrays until a tonal cue directs them to report 1 row. Measuring and Modeling the Trajectory of Visual Spatial Attention Shui-I Shih, George Sperling In a novel choice-attention gating paradigm, observers monitor a stream of 3x3 letter arrays until a tonal cue directs them to report one row. Analyses of the particular arrays from which reported letters are chosen and of the joint probabilities of reporting pairs of letters are used to derive a theory of. With minor elaborations, it applies to all the principal paradigms used to study the dynamics of visual spatial attention. We explored a method of measuring the trajectory of spatial attention that is analogous to measuring the trajectory of subatomic particles in a. The spatial distribution of visual attention Joetta L. Gobell a, Chia-huei Tseng a, George Sperling a,b a Department of Cognitive Sciences, University of California, Irvine 92697, CA, USA b Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences and Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA Received 25 November 2003; received in revised form 13 January 2004. Spatial attention in ADHD children 515 evaluation. Attention can be assessed by several ways. The well-known Posner paradigm can assess visual spa-tial attention by presenting the participants with cues that direct attention to regions of the visual space within which an imperative stimulus may subse-quently appear.4 Some researchers have.

George SPERLING of University of California, Irvine, CA UCI Read 219 publications Contact George SPERLING. In order to investigate attention across a range of configurations, the red-green square-wave grating is changed from trial to trial. Orientation horizontal or vertical, spatial frequency four values, where ATT 1 is shown with a phase shift of 0 and π; the number of locations covaries with this measure and color phase two possibilities of the grating are varied.

ically require spatial inference and visualize the attention weights. We evaluate our model on two published visual question answering datasets, DAQUAR [1] and VQA [2], and obtain improved results compared to a strong deep baseline model iBOWIMG which concatenates image and question features to predict the answer [3]. Modeling the Influence of Action on Spatial Attention in Visual Interactive Environments Ali Borji, Dicky N. Sihite, and Laurent Itti Abstract—A large number of studies have been reported on top-down influences of visual attention. However, less progress have been made in understanding and modeling its mechanisms in real-world tasks. Apr 10, 2012 · Abstract: Modeling visual attention-particularly stimulus-driven, saliency-based attention-has been a very active research area over the past 25 years. Many different models of attention are now available which, aside from lending theoretical contributions to other fields, have demonstrated successful applications in computer vision, mobile robotics, and cognitive systems. 7 The spatial attention model predicts 90% of the variance in a huge data set approximately 500 points per observer from >20,000 trials and encompasses the major attention paradigms.

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