Labour and Scottish Nationalism: A History from Keir Hardie to the Present Day Gerry Hassan download txt |

Dec 23, 2019 · Too many Scottish Labour politicians – Richard Leonard being a good example – pepper their speeches with Labour totems from the past such as Keir Hardie, Mary Barbour and Red Clydeside. It comes from a romanticised, sentimental view of Scotland and the working class, and has little of relevance to say about the present and future. Historically, Scottish Labour has had differing degrees of autonomy: beginning as the separate Scottish Labour Party, becoming the Scottish Council for most of its history, before changing its name in 1994 to the Scottish Labour Party the name of Keir Hardie’s party of 1888 and Jim Sillars’ of 1976. Apr 01, 2010 · The first is the ‘official’ history of Keir Hardie standing in the 1888 Mid-Lanark by-election as an independent Labour candidate which led to the formation of ‘the Scottish Labour Party’, a distinctive, Scottish body that predates the creation of the ILP in 1893 by five years.

Labour’s failure to break out of its own conservatism has increasingly seen it become a force facing and invoking its own past – the hagiography of Keir Hardie, the folklore of 1945, and eulogising of Clement Attlee. All of these have come more to the fore as the party’s focus on the future has declined. Ever since Keir Hardie won 617 votes in Mid-Lanark in 1888, Scottish Labour and British politics have been intertwined. Ramsay MacDonald wrote as follows to Hardie from the offices of the Scottish Home Rule Association, for which he worked. It was the first letter between the two Scots co-founders of the Labour. May 11, 2011 · The Strange Death of Labour Scotland Gerry Hassan Compass, May 11th 2011 Scotland is living in historic times. An election that was seen by many of us as a transition from the old Labour Scotland to a more Nationalist era, has suddenly become one of epic transformation. Scottish Labour won a mere 31.7% of the []. Nov 05, 2006 · Labour, Britishness and concepts of ‘nation’ and ‘state’ Gerry Hassan Chapter in Gerry Hassan ed., After Blair: Politics after the New Labour Decade, Lawrence and Wishart in association with Compass 2006 Introduction The Labour Party for most of its history has not thought very much about the concepts of ‘nation’, ‘state’ and Britishness.

There were no such doubts about the purpose of the Labour Party when it was formed in 1900. The 129 delegates there passed Keir Hardie’s motion to establish ‘a distinct Labour group in Parliament’ and did so with the full intention of ‘promoting legislation in the direct interests of labour’. 16. Gerry Hassan and Eric Shaw, The Strange Death of Labour Scotland, Edinburgh University Press 2011 forthcoming; Gerry Hassan, ‘When the Party is Over: The Strange Story of Scottish Labour, Scottish and British Nationalism and the Politics of the Future’, Soundings: A Journal of Politics and Culture, Summer 2011. 17. By Gerry Hassan, The Scotsman, December 17th 2011 Dear Johann Congratulations on being elected Scottish Labour’s sixth leader in twelve years; that’s nearly as hot a seat as Hearts or Chelsea FC, those two tottering giants. Of course, I should be accurate, and acknowledge you as the first ‘official’ leader of all Scottish Labour; but []. Too many Scottish Labour politicians – Richard Leonard being a good example – pepper their speeches with Labour totems from the past such as Keir Hardie, Mary Barbour and Red Clydeside. It comes from a romanticised, sentimental view of Scotland and the working class, and has little of relevance to say about the present and future.

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