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Jan 01, 2004 · Jewish Travel Guide 2004: Zaidner, Michael: 9780853035008:: Books. Flip to back Flip to front. Listen Playing. Paused You're listening to. Much of early Jewish history takes place in modern-day Israel and Palestine, but according to the story in the Bible, the origins of the Jewish people is further east, in modern-day Iraq.According to the Book of Genesis, the first Jew was Abraham, who was born in Ur, Iraq in around 1800 BCE, and obeyed a divine command to move to the land of Canaan now Israel/Palestine. Israel: A Spiritual Travel Guide: A Companion For The Modern Jewish Pilgrim Paperback – December 1, 2004.

Jewish Travel Advisor is a world-wide listing of kosher hotels, kosher restaurants, Jewish wedding and bar/bat mitzvah organizers, Jewish tours and trips, kosher cruises as well as synagogues, mikvaot and Jewish communities around the world. A Gentile's Guide to the Jewish Holidays Level: Gentile. Holiday dates vary because the Jewish calendar is lunar, not solar. in accordance with Jewish law, and will not want to travel during this holiday, because they want to be able to have meals in the sukkah. 2004-2011, Tracey R Rich If.

Iddo Katz is an archeologist and tour guide licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Iddo is a 7th-generation born Israeli who graduated from Bar-Ilan University with degrees in Land of Israel Studies, geography and biology. Jewish Heritage Travel and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City are delighted to offer these exclusive. Jewish Travel & Kosher travel, featuring Kosher Programs worldwide; kosher hotels, Passover Programs 2020, Pesach Hotels 2020, Jewish heritage; Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tours, Jewish singles tours Jewish single tour, Jewish senior tours, kosher cruises, kosher tours, Passover Resorts, kosher restaurants, synagogues, hotels, kosher food, travel advice, youth camps, Passover travel and much.

Mar 13, 2019 · For nearly 30 years, a guide called the “Negro Motorist Green Book” provided African Americans with advice on safe places to eat and sleep when they. Borscht Belt, or Jewish Alps, is a colloquial term for the mostly defunct summer resorts of the Catskill Mountains in parts of Sullivan, Orange and Ulster Counties in upstate New York, United States.These resorts were a popular vacation spot for New York City Jews from the 1920s through the 1960s. Jewish Prayers Prayers for various occasions including various blessings, grace after meals, Psalms and more Selected prayers for various occasions: Grace after meals, blessings, prayers to be recited at the gravesite of the righteous and more. Jewish Travel Guide 2000. Intl Specialized Book Service, 2000 Intl Specialized Book Service, 2000 Esther Hecht, "The Jewish Traveler: Albania," Hadassah Magazine, April/May 2012.

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