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Jan 01, 2004 · Too often the formal education system serves merely to confirm gender stereotypes, and school women for subordination. Some writers examine the scope offered by non-formal education to challenge male-biased systems, including training for challenging gender based inequality. Nov 01, 1998 · Gender, Education and Training looks at the imbalance in educational participation among women and men, and reflects on its causes and consequences. Some papers offer solutions, for example; gender-awareness training for teachers in Nepal, and an approach to adult literacy training which promotes gender equality. Oxfam has developed an “Improving Safeguarding and Culture Plan” to drive its work over the next two years. The plan aims to align our approach across the confederation and links our work on safeguarding, culture change, gender, programs and human resources, within an improved governance framework. Education and Gender Equality Series 3. Gender Equality and Adult Basic. also suggests the need for gender-sensitivity training for young men and women as well as for service providers, community leaders, and faith Gender Equality Series, Programme Insights, Oxfam GB. December 2005 3. Key Resources: Education Gender, education and learning Adolescent girls Barriers to girls’ education Literacy Transformatory approaches Organisations and websites Gender, education, and learning Because I Am a Girl: The State of the World’s Girls – Learning for Life 2012, Khadija Fancy, London: Plan International, plan

The focus here is on the operational aspects of projects and programmes, and to a lesser extent on influencing broader institutional policies and practices through policy and advocacy work. The pack aims to develop participants' skills and competencies in addressing gender issues throughout the project cycle, from assessment, analysis, and. As recognised in the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook1 of the World Bank, FAO and IFAD, the failure to analyse and address gender inequalities result in misguided projects and programmes, forgone agricultural output, and income, food and nutrition insecurity. Agricultural VCD programmes either tend to focus on crops, infrastructure. negative impacts than men. This is why Oxfam believes that gender justice must be at the forefront of the reform agenda. And this is why I am excited to present this updated guide to gender impact assessment as a tool for the industry to ensure that women’s voices are meaningfully included in project decision-making. module 1: gender, gender concepts and definitions 10 understanding key gender terms 10 gender gap and patterns of gender inequality 13 quizz: other gender concepts and terminologies 15 institutional/system influences on gender stereotypes 16 legal and political frameworks for gender equality 17 annexes 1.1 - 1.4. to focus exclu sively on wo men or on achieving equality. Gender equality issues are give n more systematic and serious attention if they are reflected in the design objectives. This increase s the likelihood that attention to gender equality will flow through into strategies, activities and indicators for monitoring and evaluation.

3 I would like to express my deep appreciation to the Gender Training Toolkit Core Working Group for their invaluable input and commitment and to all.

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