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The Future of Glycerol: New Usages for a Versatile Raw Material Authors: Mario Pagliaro, Michele Rossi Preliminary content. concise style and presents the numerous uses of glycerol as a new raw material which are starting to have an impact on industry worldwide. Elucidation of the principles governing the new chemistry of glycerol goes along. Request PDF The Future of Glycerol: New Usages for a Versatile Raw Material By-products of global biodiesel manufacturing are a global fact and the immense amount of glycerol by-product. Glycerol 1,2,3-propanetriol, Figure 1.1 is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid with a sweet taste, derived from both natural and petrochemical feedstocks. The name glycerol is derived from the Greek word for “sweet,”glykys, and the terms glycerin, glycerine, and glycerol tend to be used intercha. The future of glycerol: new uses of a versatile raw material Mario Pagliaro, Michele Rossi, Royal Society of Chemistry Great Britain Content: Glycerol: properties and production -- Aqueous phase reforming -- Selective reduction -- Halogenation -- Dehydration -- Etherification -- Esterification -- Selective oxidation -- Additives for.

mercial products.2 Indeed, glycerol has over 1500 known end uses, in-cluding applications as an ingredient or processing aid in cosmetics, RSC Green Chemistry Book Series The Future of Glycerol: New Uses of a Versatile Raw Material By Mario Pagliaro and. Sep 20, 2016 · “The Future of Glycerol: New Uses of a Versatile Raw Material: Dehydration”, RSC Green Chemistry Book Series, pp. 54-64, Chapter 5, 2008. PCT/FR2010/052855—Written Opinion, International Application Filing Date: Dec. 21, 2010; Date of Mailing Jan. 8, 2012, 6 pages; translation. Provided are methods for generating a microorganism with improved ability to convert glycerol to succinic acid. These methods comprise combining a microorganism with ability to convert glycerol to succinic acid and a medium containing glycerol to produce a fermentation mixture; allowing fermentation to occur such that succinic acid is produced; and assaying for an indication of glycerol. Abstract. As a means to valorize glycerol, the synthesis of solketal through a ketalization reaction with acetone was performed. Mild solventless conditions were applied to test the activity of different commercially available sulfonic ion exchange resins that had already been used for other applications, namely: Amberlyst 35dry, Amberlyst 36dry, Purolite CT275DR, Purolite CT276 and Lewatit GF101.

Today, biofuels represent a hot topic in the context of petroleum and adjacent products decrease. As biofuels production increase, so does the production of their major byproduct, namely crude glycerol. The efficient usage of raw glycerol will concur to the biodiesel viability. As an inevitable waste of biodiesel manufacturing, glycerol is potentially an attractive substrate for the production. Mar 24, 2006 · Biodiesel fatty acid methyl ester is a nontoxic and biodegradable alternative fuel that is obtained from renewable sources. A major hurdle in the commercialization of biodiesel from virgin oil, in comparison to petroleum-based diesel fuel, is its cost of manufacturing, primarily the raw material cost. Used cooking oil is one of the economical sources for biodiesel production. of long-range order in polymers makes them poor candidates for new materials with higher conductivity and a wider temperature range for operation. Hybrid MOF Metal-Organic Framework materials are emerging as a potential new class of proton conductors. Including acidic groups such as –COOH, –PO 3 H 2 and –SO 3 H can facilitate.

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