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Excavations at Brough-on-Humber, 1958-1961. [J S Wacher]. Report on excavations at the Romano-British town of Petuaria,. Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London, no. 25. Responsibility: by J.S. Wacher. Reviews. User-contributed reviews. Report on excavations at the Romano-British town of Petuaria, a settlement of about 13 acres, enclosed first by a turf ramp in the Hadrianic period, and later by a stone wall towards the end of the 2nd century. Excavations at Brough-on-Humber, 1958-1961; Excavations at Brough-on-Humber, 1958-1961 [Hardback] John S. WacherAuthor Regular. View Excavations Research Papers onfor free. Excavations - most recent publications about Excavations. Obtain the latest charts about Excavations. Enjoy our handy data on Excavations. Ancient calendar discovered during excavations in Peru.

1.1.2 This archaeological excavation was undertaken in accordance with a Brief issued by Angus Wainwright of the National Trust, supplemented by a Specification Mortimer, 2009 prepared by OA East formerly Cambridgeshire County Council's CAM ARC. 1.1.3 The work was designed to assist in helping to identify the cause of spalling of pillars. Use the Map Search to search the database by County. For a more detailed search please click on the Advanced Search button below. EXCAVATIONS & RESEARCH Funerary Landscapes in Mesohelladic and Early Mycenaean Central Greece: an Update Laetitia Phialon This short paper based on my lecture at Aegeus January 27, 2017 explores the variability and change of the funerary landscapes in Central Greece during the first six centuries of the 2nd millennium BC. excavations in the courthouse area September 25, 1974. Field work con­ tinued until November 22, 1974 when cold weather and fall rains forced a temporary halt Figure 1. Laboratory work and a preliminary analysis were carried out from December 1974 until May 1975. On May 5th, the site wa.s again opened and excavations continued until July 4th. The excavations took the form of 16 test pits and four excavation trenches, one of the latter of which Trench 3 was reinstated after the removal of the turf because it became clear there was not sufficient time to excavate it. Trench 1, cut over the hillfort rampart, revealed a stone-faced rampart that had clearly stood to a considerable.

Final Report on the 2008 Excavations at the R.B.H. Yates House. Many of the research questions are similar to those articulated in a CRM survey conducted by Feit et al. 2007 in Freedmen’s Town. ownership of small parcels of land within Freedmen’s Town during the 1860’s. One such individual was John Henry Yates, the first pastor. When we began a six week rescue excavation at Cook’s Quarry, West Heslerton in 1978 no one could have predicted that research work focussed upon West Heslerton and the Vale of Pickering would still be in progress in 2008 Powlesland et al 1986.

Excavations at Brough-on-Humber, 1958-1961 (Research Reports, 25) John S. Wacher epub

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