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Jan 01, 2015 · Cultural Capitalism: Politics After New Labour [Timothy Bewes, Jeremy Gilbert] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Cultural Capitalism: Politics After New Labour. Since culture is the mediator between the individual and society, it is not surprising that it is a crucial part of politics. This is recognized by New Labour. Chris Smith, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, in a speech soon after the 1997 Labour election victory, stated that "Culture is what gives us a sense of identity both as individuals and as a nation". ISBN: 0853159173 9780853159179: OCLC Number: 45767033: Description: 250 pages; 22 cm: Contents: Cultural politics/political culture / Timothy Bewes --In defense of discourse analysis / Jeremy Gilbert --Looking backwards and forwards at cultural studies / Paul Smith --Clintonism: the phantom menace / Martin McQuillan --Determined dissent: John Milton and the futures of political culture.

Since the election of a New Labour government, the cultural domain has been politically charged like never before. Official manifestos have been published and public projects have proliferated, signalling a level of ideological attention to culture unprecedented in democratic societies. This is an era of ‘cultural capitalism’, in which an extremely static conception of culture is required to absorb or efface. ‘Creative Accounting: Consumer culture, the ‘creative economy’ and the cultural policies of New Labour’ in Tim Bewes and Jeremy Gilbert eds Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour Lawrence & Wishart, 2000. The coronavirus-triggered crisis, combining a health emergency with an economic collapse, is the biggest shock to Britain since the Second World War. Moreover, it coincides with a rare moment in British politics when both parties have a structural opportunity to reset themselves. We should remind ourselves that only a year ago we faced the daily nightmare of Jeremy Corbyn versus Theresa May.

He is co-author with Luke Martell of New Labour: Politics after Thatcherism 1998. He has previously done research on the cultural industries and is currently working on the new media in Britain. He has previously done research on the cultural industries and is currently working on the new media in Britain. Finlayson, A. 2000. New Labour: The culture of government and the government of culture. In Cultural capitalism: Politics after New Labour, ed. T. Bewes and J.. A political history of cultural studies, part one: The Post-War Years 2. A political history of cultural studies, part two: The Politics of Defeat 3. Another World is Possible: The Anti-Capitalist Movement 4. AntiCapitalism and Culture 5. Ideas in Action: Rhizomatics, Radical Democracy, and. New Labour is a period in the history of the British Labour Party from the mid-1990s until 2010 under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.The name dates from a conference slogan first used by the party in 1994, later seen in a draft manifesto which was published in 1996 and titled New Labour, New Life for Britain.It was presented as the brand of a newly reformed party that had. Creative Accounting: Consumer culture, the ‘creative economy’ and the cultural policies of New Labour’. In: Gilbert, J. and. Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour. pp. 203-222. London: Lawrence & Wishart. ISBN 9780853159179 Publication Type: Book Section Subjects: J Political Science > JA Political science.

Cultural Capitalism Lawrence & Wishart.

Finlayson, Alan 2002 New Labour: The Culture of Government and the Government of Culture. In: Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour. Lawrence and Wishart, London, pp. 177-202. Full text not available from this repository.Request a copy. New Labour and the Cultural Turn At first glance, New Labour seems to fit these culturalisation theses quite well. There has been a shift away from ideas of equality as economic redistribution towards equality of opportunity and individual potential in New Labour ideas and policies. Labour's political economy is concerned with the cultural bases. The Third Way as practised under New Labour has been criticised as being effectively a new, centre-right and neoliberal party. Some such as Glen O'Nara have argued that while containing "elements that we could term neoliberal", New Labour was more left-leaning than it is given credit for. Jun 25, 2019 · After the politically explosive economic slump of the 1930s – the precursor to today’s crisis of capitalism – during the postwar years many business leaders seemed to accept the need for a.

Anticapitalism and CultureRadical Theory and Popular.

Dec 13, 2019 · How Labour Lost the Culture War. So long as the main focus of electoral politics was on economic questions, the leaders of the Labour Party could therefore hold this. Essential reading for cultural studies thinkers and anyone interested in culture and anti-capitalism. Tim Jordan, Open University Gilbert takes us on an informative and well-signposted tour of the post-Second World War dialogue between the anticapitalist movement in popular politics and the investiture of cultural studies into interdisciplinary.

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