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Samhaa R. El-Beltagy. "An Agent Based Framework for Navigation Assistance and Information Finding in Context", Ph.D. thesis, University of Southampton, April 2001. El-Beltagy S., DeRoure D. and Hall W. recommendations for other users El-Beltagy et al., 1999; El-Beltagy et al., 2000. A query interface component, whereby the user can access query services provided by the.

Context is typically viewed at as meta-data that supplements the ‘real’ data of an application. In this paper, we contrast and compare the concepts of context in four different applications. We show that our notion of context needs to be extended and that wider and more flexible notions need to be supported. Among its components, context processing engine is the core of such an infrastructure, whose power is reflected from its context query language. In this paper, we first overview typical context query languages developed in the literature, and then present the design of our temporal description logic based context query language.

similarity to the queries in Session 1, and obtain the labels for the other queries based on context information. By do-ing so, we can expand the small labeled set with unlabeled queries to improve performance. Motivated by these observations, we propose to build a semi-supervised context-aware query classification framework. There are list of web items that you can inculde in your template, like Web item Table, filter etc. On the table you need to assign your BEx queries which you had already created and then you can save the web template either in role or in your favourites. Now in order to execute these web report you need to create a role as mentioned by A.H.P. Use this page to specify the context root for web modules during or after installation of an application onto a WebSphere® Application Server deployment target. To view this administrative console page, click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > application_name > Context root for web modules.This page is the same as the Context root for web modules page on.

El-Beltagy, S., DeRoure, D. and Hall, W. A Multiagent system for Navigation Assistance and Information Finding, in Proc. of The Fourth International Conference on the Practical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Technology, London, UK, pp. 281-295, 1999. applications, this thesis explores how context data can help database query-ing. This chapter introduces the problems that this thesis tries to solve and presents an outline of the rest of the thesis. 1.1 Introduction Nowadays, more and more information becomes available in digital form. To.

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In today's adaptive hypermedia systems, adaptivity is provided based on accumulative data gained from observing the user. User modelling, the capturing of information about the user such as their knowledge, tasks, attitudes, interests etc., is only a small part of the global context in which the user is working. At Southampton University we have formed a model of one particular aspect of. 2000. Furthermore, Web searching studies have shown that Web queries are distinct from queries in other types of online searching Jansen & Pooch, 2000. There is a significant body of Web searching research available, as reviewed by Hsieh-Yee 2000, and many of these studies report quantitative data on queries, but very few report how. In this method context node B executes BOL query and fills its contents from the query. I have event in the view - ON_START. When this event is executed - DB table which holds data relative to the query in node B is updated via API function not via GENIL modify_object.

Christopher Bailey, Samhaa R. El-Beltagy and Wendy Hall. machine, adaptive link augmentation can also be provided across any hypermedia web page that the user visits. This paper focuses on the extraction and analysis of a user’s spatial context through a. Queries in Context. QuIC is a multi-agent system that was developed at the. As you may have noticed, I am on a content query web part CQWP kick these days J Here is one more installment in the saga. I have a requirement to create a CQWP that shows the pages in a pages library that have a custom date field that is between today and a week from today. The queries are inserted into the document as a hyperlink. Clicking the hyperlink will bring up a menu that allows the user to select the type of information one seeks for document, experts, the width of the context paragraph or full-text, and the source of information local databases, external databases, and some additional functionality. In this query, x iterates over the ``publications'' subtrees of csPapers and, given a value for x, y iterates over the simple trees of x'. The primed variable x' denotes the result of applying to tree x the Prime operator, which returns the first subtree of its argument. The same applies for the primed variable y'.The tilde represents the string pattern matching predicate: its left argument is. the web. As shown in fig. 1, a web search is followed by the retrieval and ranking of documents from which contextual texts are extracted. A. Retrieve documents from the web Ontology concepts usually have one or more labels which provide short textual descriptions e.g. dams. All labels of each concept are issued as web search queries. Search.

Improving Context-Aware Query Classification via Adaptive.

represent a query and which occur in a document. Meaning is captured and represented in a machine readable format through an ontology which is formalized using Semantic Web languages. By “understanding” the meaning of a query and its possible dimensions, it is likely that results returned. A.1 Web Query Application Overview. A common use of Oracle Text is to index HTML files on Web sites and provide search capabilities to users. The sample application in this appendix indexes a set of HTML files stored in the database and uses a Web server connected to Oracle Database to. Oct 16, 2008 · This is where context calculation is important. To accomplish this we need to take into account 3 points calculation – maximum revenue input context – year, quarter output context – year. The combination of input and output contexts tells web intelligence to sum the revenue for each year/quarter and then output the maximum value for each.

Oct 10, 2018 · The first query returns one row per case. The second query can return zero-to-many rows per case. I have created variables for the second query which allow the report to display a single row for each case with all of the non-suspect product names concatentated one after the other. I have merged C.Case_No from the two queries. EP2382534A1 EP10729396A EP10729396A EP2382534A1 EP 2382534 A1 EP2382534 A1 EP 2382534A1 EP 10729396 A EP10729396 A EP 10729396A EP 10729396 A EP10729396 A EP 10729396A EP 2382534 A1 EP2382534 A1 EP 2382534A1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords query set user words word Prior art date 2009-01-12 Legal status The legal status is an. contexts when the query is next refreshed. NOTE – Complex or multiple queries might require the selection of multiple contexts. To fix a query context: 1. Run the query and select the context you want the query to use on every refresh. 2. Then edit the query and uncheck the Query Property called ‘Reset contexts on refresh’. 3. This.

Click here if you forgot your login ID and/or password. Friday 19 June 2020. SUBSCRIBE REGISTER RSS. The language is described at three levels: 1 Building blocks PCOMs context oriented components types 2 Connectors, which connect components externally and internally, and 3 Architectural Configuration, which includes a full description of composition and decomposition mech. because it is a non-context based query modification approach. Relevance models modify the queries using the pseudo-feedback approach which relies only on an initial ranking of the documents. 2.2.1 Baseline 1: query likelihood model We use the query likelihood model where each document is scored by the likelihood of its model generating a query Q. So, if we've enabled content types insideof our SharePoint solution, that's integrated with Dynamics,then I want to introduce this concept to youthat might be helpfuland it's Content Query Web Parts.So, some of you may already be familiar with it.But again, just within the context of what we're doing,want to make sure you.

Apr 08, 2014 · Inserting Content Query Web Part to the home page of a parent site. Open SharePoint 2010 home page and click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page. The page will displayed in edit mode. In Editing Tools chose insert Web Part and click Content Rollup Category and select Content Query and click Add button. Refer the below screen shot. Finally insert the Imtech Content Query Web Part to your page and copy the path of copied ItemStyle.xsl and ContentQueryMain.xsl files. Paste these paths as shown below in first image: And the final result you get is: [Please note the Leave Type and Click Here is appearing due to. Contextual Query Language CQL, previously known as Common Query Language, is a formal language for representing queries to information retrieval systems such as search engines, bibliographic catalogs and museum collection information. Based on the semantics of Z39.50, its design objective is that queries be human readable and writable, and that the language be intuitive while maintaining the.

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