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David ROBINSON, For the Port & Carriage of Letters: A Practical Guide to the Inland and Foreign Postage Rates of the British Isles 1570 to 1840. David Robinson Scotland, 1990. 250pp. O. R. SANFORD and Denis SALT, British Postal Rates 1635-1839. The Postal History Society, 1990. 163pp. British Postal Rates, 1635-1839. Paperback; By author Oliver Russell Sanford, By author Denis H.G. Salt. Share; List price: US$24.96. Currently unavailable. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Notify me. Add to wishlist. AbeBooks may have this title opens in new window. British Postal Rates 1635-1839 by O.R. Sanford and Denis Salt Comprehensive, Domestic and International rates. 1990, 163 pages, card, £20, $57.50 British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-1876 by G. F. Oxley Well laid out by destination, seems easy to use. 1992, 130 pages, card, £30, $70.00. Postage stamps and postal history of Great Britain surveys postal history from the United Kingdom and the postage stamps issued by that country and its various historical territories until the present day. The postal history of the United Kingdom is notable in at least two respects: first, for the introduction of postage stamps in 1840, and secondly for the establishment of an efficient. introduced a totally new system for calculating postal rate, based solely on the weight of the item posted. The rates were also substantially reduced. Starting in January 1840, a letter weighing up to one ounce would be carried anywhere in the United Kingdom for one penny 5/12p. A little later, on the 6th May 1840, prepayment of postage was.

Letter Rates 1840-1968 1840 2d blues x 6 - seventh step 1s rate for 5-6oz from 1840-65. Uniform Penny Postage was introduced on 10th January 1840 after a short test of the principle of charging by weight at a 4d rate. A "letter" essentially meant anything that did not meet the special conditions for some other class of mail, and with only the overall postal restrictions on content. During the same period, rates for the post were increased, doubled from a penny for a one-post distance to two pennies for the same service. As time went on, the rates would rise again and again until by 1812, it would cost 4d to send a letter fifteen miles. The British Postal Museum and Archive. Partially Addressed Mail rate card pdf, 4.53 MB. Marketing services and general correspondence price guide pdf, 3.9 MB. Advertising Mail and Sustainable Advertising Mail rate card pdf, 3.57 MB. Publishing Mail rate card pdf, 3.47 MB. Business Mail rate card pdf, 3.51 MB. Response Services rate card pdf, 1.72 MB. Door to Door rate card pdf, 96.12 KB.

Locate a Post Office; ZIP Code Lookup; Service Commitments; International. Retail Calculator; Business Calculator; Customs Form Indicator; Country Max Limits and Price Groups; Zone Chart; Pricing. Price Charts HTML; Price Charts PDF; Postal Explorer. 800 594-3837 or 702 791-6828 Fax 702 369-9139 P.O. Box 94822 Las Vegas, NV 89193 jimforte@.

British Postal Rates 1635-1839 by O.R. Sanford and Denis Salt Comprehensive, Domestic and International rates. 1990, 163 pages, card, £20, $40.00 British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-1876 by G. F. Oxley Well laid out by destination, seems easy to use. 1992, 130 pages, card, £30, $60.00. 101427 - 'the british county catalogue of postal history - vols. 1 and 2' by r.m. willcocks and b. jay. £45.00. 101451 - the philatelic review by candlish mccleery. 115822 'great britain post roads post towns and postal rates 1635-1839' by alan robertson. £25.00. 96196 - the "traudl" collection of london postal history 1. The cost of postage to the UK from the Republic of Ireland depends on whether your item is going to Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK. Postal rates to Northern Ireland are the same as those within the Republic. For some services, such as the International Courier Service, An Post has different postal rates for countries in the European. The British Post Office Act of 1710 is amended 5 Geo. III, [1765], c.25 to provide for changes in postal rates in British North America. Henceforth, routes will be measured and the new rates will be determined by the distance and the number of sheets of paper rather than by a fixed flat fee for delivery between two points. There are many postal historians available who might help you. United States postage rates varied according to the distance a letter was to be carried from the post office where it entered the mail to its final destination. These “zone” rates were stable from 1816 with a minor change in the 151 to 400 mile rate in 1825 to 1845.

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